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Hi, Today morning I received my passport after VISA has been stamped.

I am very pleased with the help that you people did whenever it was most need.  

My special thanks to Mr. Varadharajan who was so so kind enough to reply back and clarify my doubts then and there when I was confused. I would also like to thank Mr. Ramesh who gave valuable input's during college selection and the day before VISA interview. Your input's were very useful when talking with VO. Then i would like to thank Mr. M.Candhasswamie who reviewed all my SOP and stuff. I would also like to thank all the people behind you people who I don't know but help me in this 7 months association.  With this mail I have attached my VISA stamping and i would like to share my excitement to start my studies in USA with all you people.

Thanks & Regards,  Prasanna Subburaj

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Migrate to Australia 

 I thank each and every one of you for helping every bit on this lengthy process. I particularly want to thank Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Vardharajan in guiding me through the entirety because there was a lot to gather, fulfill and produce and without complete knowledge or experience it wouldn’t have been easy. I thank them for their professionalism. I was waiting ......

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Client Testimonials



Client Testimonial 

Udhaya ganesh jayaraj 






Client Testimonial





Client Testimonial


Dear Mr. Radhakrishnan/ Mr. Varadharajan/ Mr. Venkat/ Mr. Srinivasan,

I thank each and every one of you for helping every bit on this lengthy process. I particularly want to thank Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Vardharajan in guiding me through the entirety because there was a lot to gather, fulfill and produce and without complete knowledge or experience it wouldn’t have been easy. I thank them for their professionalism. I was waiting to hear this news and today I truly celebrated the moment Mr. Varadharajan started the phone conversation with a congratulation. I am still stuck in that moment unable to relive myself for the time. Thanks again for all your support and guidance.

Thank You & Best Wishes - Udhaya ganesh jayaraj


Dear Sir,

This one of the best mail I have received.

Thank you soo much for the entire EOA Team. Appreciate you excellent support.

Mr. Varadarajan, you where there to guide me all the way till the end. Excellent support sir.

Once again thank you EOA Team. I will recommend EOA to everyone i know.

I will be working with you again in respect to my Wife's Visa process as well. I am very confident that you will make it possible. Thanks & Regards,  Jackson Poulos


Hi All,

My Sincere Heartfelt thanks to your entire team of EOA on hearing the news.

I was away to attend an emergency and was at the hospital to attend somebody. 

Thanks to Mr Varadharajan (CBE) for sharing the news and all the help rendered from Coimbatore.

Thanks to Mr Radhakrishnan for answering all the queries patiently and helping me throughout in the process and also clearing my moments of anxiety (as this took more than 5 months for the entire processing)

Apologies for the late reply... Regards, Lakshman





Client Testimonial



Dear Sir(s),

I was delighted to receive the Visa Grant letter from the DIAC, today, stating that my application to migrate to Australia has been approved. 

This is the culmination of months of hard work and dedication on your behalf. Even during the times when obtaining this visa seemed a daunting task, you persevered and always assured me that we would succeed. I would like to personally thank Mr. Varadarajan, from Coimbatore Branch. Without his words of encouragement and his positive & thoroughly professional attitude, I would have abandoned the idea long time ago. 

Not only do you provide a professional service for a realistic fee, you also care for the client’s feelings and thoughts, an enviable trait I must say. I would like to thank the entire migration department, especially Mr. Radhakrishnan and Mr. Srinivasan, for their dedicated service.

It has been a pleasure working together with you, and I will not hesitate in recommending you and the services you provide to anyone seeking migration to Australia. Once again, a big thank you to you, Mr. Venkateswaran Palat Krishnan, and Education Overseas Academy.

Thank you! --Saranya--




Client Testimonial








 Dear Varadarajan Sir,

 I am really happy that finally I got the visa as you have assured us. Even though it took time, I was sure that I will get it but have to wait for some time. I understood your situation when there was delay because of change in immigration policies. 

It was my parents who visited you first time and they only briefed me about this visa and its prospects. They didn’t want to go into investigations but they straightaway told me that I can use this option as they believed your words. Initially I thought of going abroad for studies but on hearing about this visa details from you, I am also convinced that it is the right option as I have some work experience, so as my friends Ashok and Ganesan. Unfortunately Ganesan couldn’t continue further because of change in policies in Immigration. For education we need to spend more compared to this migration visa. I believe that if we are able to meet the requirements, then we should wait patiently as there is no way of rejection. 

We applied for the first stage of visa in June 2009. The first stage assessed our Educational qualifications. We got it cleared in just 29 days. 

The second stage of visa assessed our English language skills and Financial stability. So we prepared for IELTS. You also helped us by providing many IELTS materials which helped us cracking the exam easily. Then you assisted me for arranging money for Fixed Deposit. You clarified us of all doubts in preparing the needed documents now and then. I applied for the second stage of visa in September 2009. It took me some time for getting my IELTS score and also arranging money for Fixed Deposit. The second stage of visa also got cleared quickly in some 2 months time. 

Then came the third stage of visa, wherein we needed to do a lot of documentation work. You and Radhakrishnan provided all the support for preparing documents. Even though we made some mistakes while preparing documents, you pointed them out and corrected them in the initial stage itself. You made sure that there should not be any clarification from the department about the documents we send. It took some time for me to prepare those documents and finally lodged the visa by February 2010.

We expected the visa in some six months time. But unfortunately, there was delay in processing our application by the department. There was some change in immigration laws and policies, which kept our applications on hold for some six months time. Then we had some light of hope from you saying that they have started processing our applications. The wait didn’t matter us, as we were gaining experience. Finally I got my visa by February 2011.  

Today I am happy that I have a visa. But without your help it could have gone in either way. As a consultant, you ensured that your experience in this area will help us assured visa. I hope your guidance and help has bonded us as a family. Thank you so much.

 Convey my regards to Radhakrishnan and others who helped us.

 Thanks & Regards,/ Raja Rishi